Painting with Travis


The son of a World Champion, Travis was born to be a high level show horse. However, he was plagued by injuries and anxiety related behavior issues causing him to be passed from owner to owner. By the time he was found by his current “Mom” standing out in a field at a horse dealer, he was sick and malnourished and looked like he belonged at a horse rescue. But there was something about the chestnut gelding that Tina really liked and brought him home.


After years of figuring out his issues and returning him to health, it was obvious that he was never going to be the show horse he was meant to be. And, although his behavior was greatly improved with positive reinforcement training, he still suffered from lameness issues that made riding difficult.


Luckily, his “Mom” loved trick training. And, after noticing that pretty much everything that was near Travis ended up in his mouth, Tina decided that they needed something to do together and taught him how to paint.


Very quickly it became evident that Travis loved to paint. And, since Tina and Travis have such a wonderful, cooperative relationship, very soon they were able to make wonderful art together.


Creative by nature, Tina soon searched out painting ideas that she thought she would be able to guide Travis to paint. And, a star was born. To date, Travis has painted American flags, Seascape scenes, floral paintings, including an actual vase full of flowers, and also many abstract paintings where Travis gets to “express” himself and his mood of the day.


It really has been a wonderful adventure.


About Travis and Tina