Painting with Travis

We decided to go up to Mackinac Island on the 4th of July.  I needed to take some of Trav's paintings up to the Artistic Mackinac Gallery and Studio and it was one day that shouldn't be too hot.  We like to spend the majority of our time up there walking around and enjoying the beauty of the island and the peace of the neighborhoods.  If I could, I would spend my whole summer on Mackinac.  But, I would need to have one of those big cottages so I could have my own barn to keep my horses with me.  But, that is another story.  Since I just got a new camera, I decided to play around and take a lot of pictures.  Since Trav has painted 2 American flags and it was the 4th of July, I decided to take pictures of the "Flags of Mackinac".  They were everywhere!!  I think that the Islanders often fly their flags, but there were even more than usual and it was actually very festive.  So, if you would like to come along with me, I will share with you the wonderful, patriotic walk we took that day.   I thought this would be a good way for those of you who don't know about Mackinac Island to get an idea of why it is so fitting for Trav's paintings to be displayed there.   I hope you enjoy it.


We started out by going up Grand Hill and past the Grand Hotel.  Which I think always has flags flying.  But, they seemed even more appropriate today.  


Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island

Next we walked up behind the Grand and behind the West Bluff cottages.   I have always loved this little garden and gate.  I often picture myself being able to go sit on one of the benches and looking out over the water.

For those who don't know, cars are not allowed on Mackinac Island.  So, everyone has to get around by foot, bicycle, or horse.  On Mackinac Island the saying is the "Horse is King".  Are you starting to see why Trav's paintings are a perfect fit for Mackinac Island?  This is one of the taxis.

As we continued along behind the West Bluff, we come onto this cute barn.  Unfortunately, the owners don't keep any horses in it, but I love it just the same.  Wonder if they would rent it out to me......hmmmmmm.

Right next door is this barn.   Which does keep horses and has an American flag.  So, I got a picture of the flag as well as this beautiful carriage.

Right around the corner is this pretty blue cottage with LOTS of flags.  I believe this house was built with left over wood from the Grand Hotel. 

On our way to the Annex, we came across this flag.  I thought this was a fun idea that they hung a flag inside their gate.

There were a lot of cottages with flags in the Annex.  This one was on a really tall pole and the wind was blowing pretty strong so I could get a good picture.

No flag here, but I have always loved this "cottage".  Can you call a house this big a cottage?  Reminds me of a Southern Plantation.  Which is where I would love to spend my winters.  Summer on Mackinac, winter in the south.  Maybe someday........

Continuing on in the Annex, I found another flag framed by the large hedges.

And this cottage had lots of flags inside of this cute gate.

From there we cut across Whitefield Road and through Great Turtle Park over to the Cemeteries.  I think I must have a "thing" for gates as I took a lot of pictures of them.  Like this one that is for a private family plot.

And then on over to the Post Cemetery where I knew there would be lots and lots of flags.

We walked all the way over here to get a photo of this flag, and then the wind died.  I waited quite a while to try and get a picure with the flag blowing in the breeze.  As we stood there, I got to hear about 6 or 7 carriage tours go by and they kept telling how Mackinac Island is one of only 4 cemeteries that gets to fly their flag at half mast all the time due to all of the unknown soldiers buried here.  I believe it is 39 total.

I love how they have put a flag on every one of the soldiers graves. 

Then we walked over to see the fort and head over to the East Bluff.  The flag at the fort was HUGE.  And, because it is closer to the water it was flying nicely.

This is the same flag from farther away so you can see more of the fort and how beautiful the sky was that day.

From the fort, we decided to go visit the East Bluff and all of the beautiful cottages.  On the way over, we stopped and snapped this photo of the town.  It really was beautiful weather.

This cottage doesn't have a flag today, but I have always loved it and have met the people who own it. She lives near us and uses the same veterinarian.

Another East Bluff Cottage with it's flag proudly flying.

This cottage is called the "Baby Grand" due to it's resemblance to the Grand Hotel.  It had a pretty big flag, but the wind had wrapped it around itself so you can't really see the blue.

From there we decided to go back on the trails and went into the woods.  I think this is Winnebago Trail.  I loved all the little yellow flowers that seemed to be all over the island.

We stopped by to say "Hi" to Macgyver who is a Friesian horse who lives on the island during the summer.  We always stop to say "Hi".   I wonder if he is starting to recognize us yet?

The Little Stone Church parsonage has a flag too.  I think it might always have one though as I have seen it in other photographs. 

Even all of the hanging baskets had American flags in them.  And, I do believe it was EVERY one.  I kept thinking, I wonder how many little flags they had to order to supply them all with a flag.


I have always liked this cottage that is right on the water.  Since it had a flag, it made it into the tour. 

Windermere Hotel had flags everywhere.

The Windermere garden was so pretty that I had to include it in the tour.   Who wouldn't love to have this to enjoy every day?

Well, that completes the tour of Mackinac Island for today.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I know I did.  Maybe some day Travis can come up here with me.  But, probably not unless I can actually live here since his Highness is claustrophic and doesn't like going in a trailer.  We would need to stay for quite a while to make it worth the trip.  So, for now, a little piece of Travis in the form of his paintings will have to do.

I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July.   See you here next time.

P.S.  Travis asked me to include his American flag into this blog post since it was the inspiration for the tour.  He is such a sweet boy.

Mackinac Island on the Fourth of July