Painting with Travis


Fun Videos of Travis 


Everyone always wants to see a video of Travis in action.  So, here is a video showing how we work together to paint some wonderful artwork.  I always think it is so funny how quietly he stands and waits while I fuss with the paint tubes and mix paint, etc.



I do believe I have the world's itchiest horse.  And, he knows how to tell where all the spots are.  Travis and I have a special way of communicating with each other, which is part of how we are able to work together so well.  I think that since he understands that I am listening and trying to understand what he is asking, that he is also very willing to do what I am asking him to do in return.  Literally, I scratch your back, you scratch mine - LOL

Cute video of Travis showing off some of his tricks.  This was after he had painted for quite a while so some of them are not as "crisp" as he can normally do them.  But it is still very cute and gives you an idea of his personality.